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You are the leaders who are developing the world’s next generation of leaders and change makers. Classroom teaching and school administration are some of the most challenging jobs that require you to be incredibly resourced to meet the needs of students, parents, your colleagues, your school boards, the government, and society at large. However, educators need support too. They need people who are resourced to help them. This is where counselling can be a source of support and guidance for educators managing so many aspects in their lives.

Educators Are the Most Important INFLUENCERS In Our Society!

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As a Teacher or Administrator, Perhaps You Are Navigating:

  •  Burn out

  •  Loss of enjoyment in the classroom

  •  Resentment or anger at the lack of support

  •  Frustration with the students or your colleagues

  • Trouble attending to issues with your own family or relationships because                                  you are so busy

  •  Loss of self care

  •  Low motivation

Counselling Offers Educators the

Opportunity to:

  • Lower your anxiety and stress

  •  Improve your conflict resolution skills

  •  Lessen your reactivity

  •  Realign with your passion and energy

  •  Create time and space to nurture your important relationships, including with yourself


Teachers deserve support so that they can thrive!


With Leanna, you will experience lots of compassion and understanding because she has been involved in the education system for years, including being a classroom teacher, teaching student teachers at university, as well as researching learning and teaching. Leanna is dedicated to supporting Educators to experience ease, peace, and joy.

You deserve to be heard and understood!

"Leanna is a highly skilled and knowledgeable therapist. She is empathetic, patient, and accepting. Her warmth and compassion make it easy for clients to feel seen, heard, and understood."


Melody Hazelton

RTC, Counselling Therapist, Empowered Life Counselling

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