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If You are a Teen, or Young Adult:

You’ve Likely Had More Than Enough!
You’ve had enough life experience already to know that you’ve had enough. Enough rules,
enough being scared or worried or anxious, enough violence, bullying, or being unsafe, enough confusion, failing, not being heard or feeling like you don’t fit in. Likely, you have had more than your fill of problems at home or at school and feel like your wants or needs are not


Chances are your parents or guardians are having a hard time understanding what it’s like to be you. The reality is, being a teen or young adult can be a daunting and overwhelming experience and your family and other adults around you often don’t see the world from your perspective or know how to help. Even if you figure you can survive this stage, is ‘survival’ really all you deserve?

Experiences to Navigate:

Signs That You Could Use Support

  • I don’t feel heard by my parents or teachers

  • I am often told that “I” am the problem

  • There is no where safe to turn

  • I am confused about who I am and how to make a good decision

  • I don’t fit in; I don’t belong; no one will accept me

  • I am being bullied, picked on, and ridiculed, left out

  • My parents or family fight all the time and it impacts me and my life

  • No one understands me and I feel lost

  • I am worried all the time

  • I am confused about sex and sexuality

  • I have no friends or have been hurt by my friends

  • I can not figure out what I am supposed to do to succeed or how to succeed

  • I’m so distracted and I can’t concentrate

  • I am struggling with my weight, looks, ability or image and just want to feel normal

  • I am lying to friends/family to hide my shame or to get my own way

  • Sometimes I think death would be easier

  • I’m doing drugs, having sex, drinking alcohol and I don’t know what else to do

  • I have no motivation; I feel overwhelmed and have low energy



“Leanna, gently, with knowledge, clarity and humility guides her clients with a warm hearted resourceful nature. Her sense of humor and safe, compassionate energy helps her clients move from struggle to whole hearted purpose with a friendly view of the world! You will feel supported and cared for in the hands of this exceptionally qualified woman!” ~ Lana Gowler


You Deserve Support:

Develop the Skills You Need to Thrive
Counselling helps you build the resources, understanding, and skills to lessen anxiety and stress and develop more ease, peace, and happiness. Explore how you can improve friendships, romantic relationships, and relationships with family.

  • Get more comfortable with emotions,

  • Explore and identify your needs,

  • Develop your voice,

  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries

  •  Learn healthy ways to navigate conflict

  •  Grow your acceptance of yourself,

  • Recognize and celebrate your gifts

  • Identify and develop qualities you would like to have

  • Understand more about how your unconscious impacts you

  • Become more confident in who you are,

  • Consider your future possibilities while being true to yourself.

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