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Presentations That Have Positive Impact on Your Community

Parents and Educators Deserve New Perspectives

All presentations listed below are 1 hour in length and include information, interactive moments, and handouts. Appropriate audience are Parent Groups or Educator Groups (whose children or students are in grades 4-5, middle school or high school).


Contact Life Dances Counselling today to inquire about our availability and if our presentation feels like a good fit for your group.

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Teaching Anxious students
So many more students are coming to class with high levels of anxiety and it is impacting how they learn, socialize, and manage their thoughts and behaviours. Teachers already have so many
considerations in a classroom, how is one more challenge possible to navigate? What if teachers – doing less – is actually the way forward? What if the classroom is the stable, safe environment that can actually help students connect with themselves and others, including educators, so that anxiety can be managed in the short term and throughout life? This presentation will address how anxiety shuts down the learning brain, how anxiety can be viewed as a doorway rather than prison gate, and learn some approaches for a classroom so that students can learn ways to manage their anxiety, potentially lessen it, and provide a healthier learning environment in your classroom. (Aimed more for Upper Elementary and Middle School Classrooms).

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Social Media and Healthy Teen Development
Worried about your teens’ socialization online? In a Common Sense Media research project, 54% of teens says social media distracts them being present to those they are with, and 42% social media means they spend less time in person with their friends.
As parents, nagging our teens about technology use rarely helps your own relationship with our teen and silent permission or no conversation about technology use is also not helpful to your teen’s development and social skills. How do we parent around a tool that we never grew up with or experienced in the same way? Come learn more about how you as a parent can support your teen’s social development through open ended, thoughtful questions, by modeling authentic connection, and by developing communication around social media use.

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Parenting teens who are anxious, depressed, or angry – or all the above!
Teenagehood is a time when emotions become heightened because of all the hormones and growth teens are experiencing, and their range of emotions expands which can feel extremely complicated for teens and their parents. Without a healthy way to communicate and express their emotions, the teens emotions compound internally and anxiety, depression, and anger become the symptoms and also the primary expression. Come learn how parents and families can take steps to support healthy emotional expression so that communication and expression of emotions can return to a more manageable level. Practical exercises and activities will be discussed and self-reflection will also be encouraged.
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Teens’ Poor Decision Making: Drugs, Alcohol, School, Friends, Etc – Empowerment is Possible for Parents
Video games, social media, drinking, pornography, marijuana use, skipping class, bullying, etc. are all
behaviours that teens may be exhibiting in what appears to be unhealthy ways. Parents can feel at a loss because no matter what steps they have taken, the teen’s behaviours still persist. Come learn about the
cycle of addiction, consider what is really going on underneath the addiction, and hear about ways that
you, as a parent or guardian of a teen, can potentially disrupt this cycle.

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