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to Be Part of the Supportive Team That Guides Teens and Young Adults.

The landscape of parenting teens and young adults has drastically changed. Technology, sexuality, family dynamics, peers, finances are some of the challenges they are facing and can feel daunting. If parents have any unfinished business with these aspects of life, the teen or young adult is going to feel the pressure or stuckness even more so. Counselling for parents of teens or young adults can help you provide a more evolved approach of love and care that can support youth from states of surviving into states of thriving. Counselling for parents can also strengthen your relationships with your children and reinforce the bond that will allow your life
long relationship to prosper.

In counselling, learn about how to support your teen who is:

  • Isolating,

  • Keeping secrets,

  • Shutting down

  • Unmotivated

  • Using substances

  • Being rude, aggressive, and non-cooperative

  • Choosing risky behaviours with sex, food, self-harm, friendships

  • Depressed

  • Having suicidal thoughts



Create More Peace and Connection:

Move From Worry, Frustration, and Confusion to More Understanding, Compassion, and Trust.

Describing teenagehood as JUST A PHASE can be harmful because this concept dismisses and dishonours how your teen/young adults’ behaviours, choices, and emotions are providing information to them and you. Parents can learn how to translate their children’s actual needs. Each fight, secret, and harmful choice that occurs is one more moment that you can not take back. Every negative word your teen says to themselves or you is more compounding evidence of the world they keep creating.

Parenting teens is also a unique phase of life for you as a person. The changes of having your
child develop into a teen, or your teen mature into a young adult can be tumultuous for you.
What is shifting in your life as your family dynamics are changing: career path, partner or friend relationships, aging parents, your own wellness and relationship to yourself. Having your own support as you navigate this stage of life can make a tremendous, positive impact on your own and your family’s wellness in so many ways.

Parental Evolution:

Putting your energy and time into the strategies and tools that create impactful, long term change for your teen/young adult and for yourself.

Counselling sessions for parents is effective because as a person in a position of influence in
your family, you can make the space and support the changes that are needed in your family to
invite the healing your teen or young adults need.

Counselling sessions offer you a chance to learn about:

  • The psychology of the teenage/young adult brain.

  • How unconscious thoughts influence much of what your teen is doing and how you can

      invite awareness and correction to this unhelpful internal guidance

  • How your family relationship dynamics are impacting where the struggle is showing up

       and how to shift those dynamics

  • Effective and emotionally responsible communication 

  • Ways to navigate conflict

  • Ways to invite more vulnerability and accountability into your dynamics with your child

  • How to stop the practice of passing anxiety around, and release it outside your family



"Leanna brings incredible warmth, authenticity, and laser sharp wisdom to all of her relationships. Not only does she provide a sense of safety and a soft place to land, but she does it with humour, hope, and pure heart. Leanna makes the work of therapy an exciting and sacred adventure. She is grace personified - a shining light to guide the way."

Erin Leach, RPC, Renew You Counselling

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