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Supervision to Support Counsellors
Counsellors play an incredibly essential role in our society and have such a positive impact on individuals, families, and groups. As professionals we commit to ongoing professional development including supervision so that we continue to maintain and develop the core competencies required to do this wonderful profession. Supervision also supports counsellors to develop their confidence, guide them towards growing capabilities, and explore the nuances of the dynamics involved in counselling.

Core Competencies Covered in Supervision
Ethics and Professional standards of practice; Therapeutic processing; Counselling knowledge; Communications & Relationships

Life Dances' Supervisor: Leanna Madill 
Leanna offers individual, didactic (2-3 supervisees), and group supervision (5-8 supervisees) for registered counsellors with ACCT. She offers a process-oriented, person-centered, transpersonal, experiential approach to her supervision. Supervision will include support, education, reviewing and assessment of the supervisee’s competencies. Leanna has had a successful private practice since 2014, and has been offering supervision to student counsellors since 2016. Finding a supervisor that aligns with your values and will also be able to support your growth is important.

Contact Leanna to set up a 15 minute consult to determine if this Supervisory relationship would feel helpful. Dates of Group Supervision will be posted here on this website for the Fall, or if there is a group of 4-5 colleagues that would like to suggest a group supervision date and time, please contact Leanna to see if our schedules can match up.

"If you’re looking for an extremely qualified, relational supervisor Leanna is it! Leanna will support you in all aspects of your practice with compassion and skill. I highly recommend her!"

Catherine O’Kane, MA, RCC, RCS

Clearmind International Co-Founder


"I have observed/supervised Leanna Madill for close to 15 years. Her rare combination of academic skill and heart has always impressed me. Most notably, however, she uniquely motivates and inspires counsellors with their therapeutic practice. The goal of all counsellors is to bring their clients to their best. To accomplish that the counsellor needs to be at their best. Leanna’s humane supervision style does just that."


Duane O’Kane, RCC, RCS

Clearmind International Co-Founder

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