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Life Dances Counselling
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Welcome to Life Dances Counselling

Leanna Madill is a Master Therapeutic Counsellor, a Registered Counselling Supervisor with the
Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada (MTC RCS #2400), and a
Registered Professional Counsellor with the Canadian Professional Counsellor’s Association (RPC #3618).
She has also taught, and supervised, student counsellors for almost a decade with Clearmind International.


"As a counsellor, my intention is to support youth, parents and educators to find joy and meaning in their lives in order to live on purpose and in connection with themselves, their family, and the world. I believe that each person can access the wisdom and resources they need to live a meaningful life." ~ Leanna

Leanna is currently accepting clients to her waitlist


Supporting Youth, Parents, Young Adults, and Educators to Transform Your Life and Your Relationships Through Counselling

Youth are our future leaders. The more emotional and relational intelligence they have, the more they will experience healthy connections, and consequently, humankind will experience more peace and hope. Life Dances Counselling specializes in working with teens, their parents, young adults, and educators. We offer cutting edge counselling and workshops founded in the principals of positive psychology.

Time Matters:
The Costs of NOT Getting Support

Each fight, hurtful word, and secret can create irreparable damage to individuals and the relationship between two people. Each day that goes by in self-loathing, doubt, depression, and anger is another opportunity for that cycle to become more engrained. Teens and young adults benefit from learning more about themselves and developing the relational skills to help them develop more peace, confidence, motivation, and maturity. Learn the tools and strategies that will help you with communication, motivation, confidence, and knowing how to best support yourself or teens in your life.


Positive Psychology:
How Adult and Youth Relationships
Can Finally Begin To Thrive

Unlike other methods of psychology, rather than simply focusing on the negative symptoms, beliefs and behaviours, positive psychology believes that people naturally grow and develop by tapping into their authentic selves so that they can become more fulfilled and achieve their greatest potential. It’s the absence of relevant and personal information, tools, perspectives and strategies that can erode confidence and authenticity as well as fuel symptoms of anxiety, low self-esteem, acting out and conflict.

Once teens, parents and professionals begin to uncover their positive qualities, develop their capacity to understand subconscious patterns, and learn fundamental tools, then dynamics can begin to shift from survive to thrive, from conflict to connection and from drama to harmony

IF you take the first step.

Online Counselling Sessions: 
Powerful, Convenient and Accessible Support

Counselling sessions are available online. Clients appreciate the ease of connecting with a counsellor from the comfort of their own home, and not having to spend time travelling before or after the session. Online sessions also lessens the intensity of navigating a new surrounding or extra body language. For those clients who are worried about being seen on screen, there are functions where you can hide your own photo. Online counselling also allows you to choose the counsellor who feels most comfortable for you, rather than which counsellor works closest to you.

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